Walking In Redemption is a blog that I am creating mainly for my personal use, as I love to write. I had a blog in the past titled the same, and I decided to start it up again. I find that writing helps me get my thoughts out and lets me look back at things that I’ve learned and overcome and seen the Lord’s faithfulness in. I am a Christian and I love growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. I title this blog Walking In Redemption because that is what I am doing. This journey is not easy, but it is exhilarating and worthwhile. Through all of the darkest times in my life, Jesus remains constant, faithful and true. His love has never failed, and I love learning more about Him and learning to love Him more. Most likely, this blog will contain many posts that show me wrestling with thoughts and scripture, my own shortcomings, temptation and sin, and digging into His Word, as well as posts that show His faithfulness and goodness in my life and those around me. I pray that if anyone else does read this blog, Jesus Christ will flow from the words and His Spirit will draw them unto Himself, into salvation if they do not know Him; and that if they do know Him, then He will draw them nearer and they will lean into Jesus a little more.


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